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The 360 Research Foundation (360RF) is a National level initiative to promote and facilitate the grassroots researches and technological innovations with collaborative and interdisciplinary research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure. Its mission is to help researchers, innovators and creative minds in the field if empowerment and livelihood. It  relies or dignifies on various  needful prospects that provides to those poverty people and the children in a different locations respectively.

Our Activities


Students from IITs, NITs and top National Universities are doing Internship in different fields.

Campus Activity

We conduct campus activities like science exhibitions, motivational programmes, quiz etc. in different schools, coaching centres, and other institutions to support personality development.  

Health Camp

Currently 15 to 20 health workers in each village Teams are reaching and checking the health of people above 40 years of age. In this test, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Label, Heart Beat, Body Temperature, Weight, Height etc. are being tested for free.

First Aid is Hiring

First Aid is Hiring 45103 First Aid Health Workers and 534 Block Coordinators to work in the respective Villages and Blocks. Responsibilities:- 1. To continue First Aid and Health Awareness Programmes. 2. To conduct Basic Medical Training

I-CAN News

I-CAN (India Co-Win Action Network) is an initiative by Atal Incubation Centre- Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (AIC-RMP) in collaboration with Connecting Dreams Foundation (CDF) to help underprivileged communities that have been hardest hit due COVID-19.

Brikshabandhan: To Save Plants

Brikshabandhan is an initiative to save the plants and aware the students and the people to care for conservation. It is the platform to get knowledge how essential things are related to the Nature in our daily life. Let's come together to save plants. Save Plants, Save Life!

Prakriti Ki Samajh

We are enhancing and empowering the youth children in the field of Research and Innovation through mission of the PRAKRITI KI SAMAJH. We visit different places to search out the main resources that provides us more gains into our  Research mission.

Grassroots Innovations

Beyond the boundaries of formal institutions, a large number of individuals in the informal sector have been engaged in innovative technological pursuits of their own. 360 R.F. has been earnestly scouting and documenting such technological ideas and innovations of the people at the grassroots and school students from all parts of the India.

Work with Dr. G. Adilakshmi

We comprise a team of world-class research article writing and publication experts with utmost experience and are here to the rescue. When you reach out to and engage for our services, rest assured that you will be provided with high guidance level by Dr. G Adilakshmi. HOD, Department of Science and Technology, 360 Research Foundation.

Internship Offer

Get Internship & Training opportunity at one of the fastest growing organisation in India. 


Channa Sattu Making Machine is made by an Innovator of 360 Research and Innovation Group Mr. Satyanaran Hajara. He is a grassroots worker with experience in the field of Electrical & Electronics device maintenance, Thermal Machines, Ayurveda etc.

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Engaging in research, innovation, and development is the hallmark of a great research Institution. Through participation in research and creative endeavors, individuals become better thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers, cultivating a depth of understanding needed to make a positive difference in the world.

First Aid

The First Aid (FA) is an initiative of 360 Research Foundation for the purpose of providing primary healthcare consultation and First Aid services at village/ward level. The First Aid functions a... Read more


Team A, is a constituent unit of 360 Research Foundation working for women security and empowerment. It is a group of Local Police, Social workers and Volunteers guided by senior police officers.... Read more

360 RIG

360 Research and Innovation Group (360RIG), is the constituent unit of 360 Research Foundation, working in the field of Scientific Research and Innovation. It was established on 13 December 2015.... Read more


The Kraft Ladies, is the constituent unit of 360 Research Foundation working in the field of women empowerment. The Group of ladies, proving the “typical” society that crafts are not just for time... Read more

The Life Savers

The Life Savers (TLS)is an initiative supported by 360 Research Foundation to save the lives by donating blood directly to the needy people. The Life Savers donates blood not to store/ sell; all have ... Read more

Master English Classes (MEC)

Master English Classes (MEC) is the constituent unit of 360 Research Foundation. This is a charitable organization working with an aim to bring solace to the needy. MEC works for the betterment o... Read more

Gurukul Coaching Center

Gurukul Coaching Center is an innovative initiative of 360 Research Foundation to educate those children who have left behind in this very competitive era. India has the second largest education ... Read more


Engaging in research, innovation, and development is the hallmark.